Tim Patterson

  • Senior Research Fellow in Sustainability Analysis
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science
  • Uwch Gymrawd Ymchwil mewn Dadansoddi Cynaladwyedd
  • Cyfadran Cyfrifiadureg, Peirianneg a Gwyddoniaeth
Tim Patterson

About Me

I am an Associate Professor in Sustainability Analysis at the Sustainable Environment Research Centre, University of South Wales. My research involves using a range of techniques, including Life Cycle Analysis, to determine the benefits, burdens and viability of new or emerging processes and products, particularly those associated with renewable energy and low fossil carbon materials such as biopolymers. I am particularly interested in evaluating how new or novel technologies can be integrated into existing industrial activities to deliver environmental benefit and economic sustainability. More information is available on my Pure profile via the link below.

Prior to the University I worked in the private sector for 10 years as an environmental consultant with business development responsibilities. This experience influences by current work in that I take a practical and pragmatic approach to modelling systems that have large uncertainties inherent within them, I communicate my work as clearly and openly as possible, and I still enjoy writing proposals and funding applications and developing new ideas and technologies.

I lecture on sustainability, environment and waste management related topics across a number of MSc courses and am part of the supervision team of a number of PhD students.

Pure Profile Link

Skills And Qualifications

  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Mass & Energy Balance (Input / Output Analysis)
  • Assessment of Market Feasibility
  • Project Management
  • Proposal Writing



Publications And Past Projects

  • (BioGrid) – Biological Integration of Electricity and Gas Grids for Low Cost Energy Storage Funded by: BEIS, Energy Storage Cost Reduction Competition
  • SMART CIRCLE (Collaboration for an Industrial Resource Circular Economy) Funded by: SMART Expertise (ERDF Funding)
  • Market Validation for the AERIOGEN Technology for Energy Management & Storage Funded by: ICURe Application administered by SET Squared Partnership (IUK / BEIS Funding)
  • Oscillatory Baffled Reactors for Enhanced 1C Gas Bioconversion for Energy Production and Storage Funded by: IUK / BBSRC (IB Catalyst Early Stage Feasibility Study)
  • RESources from URban BIo-waSte (RES: URBIS) Funded by: H2020, Led by University of Roma, Italy
  • Evaluation of an integrated aerobic-anaerobic microbial system for enhanced degradation of biopolymers Funded by: BBSRC Business Interaction Voucher, in collaboration with Loowatt Ltd.
  • Synthetic Methane: Enabling Renewable Energy Storage by Integrating the Electricity and Gas Networks Funded by: IUK (Integrated Energy Systems Supply Chains - Feasibility Studies)