Thania Acaron

  • Lecturer in Arts, Health & Wellbeing
  • Faculty of Business and Creative Industries
  • Darlithydd yn y Celfyddydau, Iechyd a Lles
  • Cyfadran Busnes a Diwydiannau Creadigol
Thania Acaron

About Me

Thania (she/her) is a lecturer, performer, choreographer and dance movement therapist from Puerto Rico, currently based in Wales. She obtained her PhD on the role of dance in violence prevention at the University of Aberdeen and holds a master’s degree in Dance Education from New York University. She is certified as a clinical supervisor and dance movement therapist in the UK and US. Thania currently works as a lecturer at the University of South Wales across many departments, teaching and conducting research in dance for health & wellbeing, dance movement psychotherapy, LGBTQ+ issues, physical theatre and interdisciplinary practices. She also offers international workshops on therapeutic work with the LGBT+ community, employee wellbeing, embodied decision-making, interdisciplinary arts, violence prevention and movement for wellbeing.;; @thaniaacaron @thebodyhotelResearch Profile:
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Skills And Qualifications

  • Dance Movement Psychotherapy
  • Training & Curriculum Development
  • Artistic Mentoring & Dramaturgy
  • LGBTQ+ Training Facilitator
  • Dance & Physical Theatre
  • Arts & Wellbeing
  • Clinical supervision
  • International Facilitation
  • Equality & Diversity
  • Latin American Identities & Multiculturalism
  • Thesis Supervision


  • Kayaking
  • Boxing / Kickboxing / Krav Maga


  • LGBTQ+ Safe Spaces
  • Therapeutic Mentoring for Artists
  • Entrepreneurship in the Arts
  • Arts, Health & Wellbeing
  • Embodied Decision Making
  • Embodied Self-Care

Publications And Past Projects

  • when in roam (multi-arts project on home and belonging)
  • The Body Hotel (Wales-based company & social enterprise prioritising movement as a therapeutic intervention)
  • Training: LGBTQ+ Competencies for therapists, artists and educators
  • Body Questions: A Multimedia Guide to Making Decisions through Movement