Sofya Danilova

  • Knowledge Exchange & Impact Officer
  • Research and Innovation Services (RISe)
  • Swyddog Cyfnewid Gwybodaeth ac Effaith
  • Gwasanaethau Ymchwil ac Arloesi
Sofya Danilova

About Me

My main responsibilities at USW include:

• Management of the Knowledge Exchange and Innovation Fund (KEIF);

• Helping academics to identify intellectual property arising from their research;

• Advising and supporting academics on intellectual property and ways to protect it;

• Supporting commercialisation process of the research;

• Supporting development of legal agreements required to commercialise research;

• Assessing technical, market and commercial viability of research;

• Advising on funding proposals, identifying licensees and enterprise support.

I joined USW in July 2021. I previously worked as a Research Fellow at Coventry University and an engineer at a semiconductor device manufacturer, where I gained my initial experience in IP and technology commercialisation.

I defended my PhD thesis at Coventry University in March 2020 on the topic “Selective electroless copper deposition by applying a gradient magnetic field”. I also have an MRes degree from Nottingham Trent University in Advanced Materials Engineering and an Engineering degree from Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia.

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