Rachael Medhurst

  • Senior Lecturer Digital Forensics and Cyber Security
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science
  • Uwch Ddarlithydd Fforensig Digidol a Seiberddiogelwch
  • Cyfadran Cyfrifiadureg, Peirianneg a Gwyddoniaeth
Rachael Medhurst

About Me

After completing my qualifications through Coleg Gwent and the University of South Wales, I then started working as a Digital Forensic Investigator within the private sector completing case work for different police forces throughout the country. This provided me with a great amount of experience working with different digital devices, extracting and analysing data with the results being presented in a manner ready for court. This ultimately resulted in being a expert witness for a number of high profile cases in a variety of courts. Providing technical information in a way that people from non-technical backgrounds could understand.

Now working as a Lecturer within the Cyber and Digital Forensics department. I will be based at the National Cyber Security Academy for the undergraduate Cyber Security course. I have a passion for teaching such vital skill sets to new upcoming professionals and passing on any knowledge and experience to help and aid with their learning.

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