Michael Brown

  • Professor in Creative Industries
  • Faculty of Business and Creative Industries
  • Cyfadran Busnes a Diwydiannau Creadigol
Michael Brown

About Me

I am Professor of Creative Industries within the Faculty of Business and Creative Industries. My practice focuses on ethnographic and participatory film for social change, often support the marginalised to have a more effective presence in the discussion of issues that directly affect them. The theoretical underpinnings to my work draw on Paulo Freire's ideas of critical consciousness and the pedagogy of the oppressed. I have worked with communities in many diverse situations and countries, in the UK and around the world, though much of my experience has been in Nepal where I lived for a number of years. I am a hands-on practical filmmaker, and usually edit my own films. I am also a landscape painter and printmaker.

A list of my publications is available via USW PURE profile: link:https://pure.southwales.ac.uk/en/persons/michael-brown/similar/

and also at my ORCHID profile:

A list of my publications is available via USW PURE profile: https://orcid.org/0000-0002-9937-1359

Skills And Qualifications

  • Ethnographic Filmmaker
  • Participatory Film Facilitator
  • Strategic Project Planning and Management
  • Educator in Formal and Non-Formal Settings
  • Landscape Painter (Oil) and Printmaker


  • Painting Landscapes
  • Mountain Walking
  • Refereeing Rugby


Publications And Past Projects

  • Brick Mule: a year-long ethnographic film documenting the lives of Nepal's working mules, and their relationships with the diverse communities who make their living with them.
  • Champions of Palliative Care: a series of films following the work of pioneering palliative care practitioners within under-resourced communities.
  • Experiences of Childhood: a series of films following the lives of street children and HIV orphans in Nepal and Kenya, embedded into a learning resource for post-primary schools in the UK.
  • Disability and Development: seven films from around the world exploring the lives of young people living with disability caused by their life situation, embedded into a curriculum-linked learning resource for schools in the UK.
  • Fracking In Fermanagh: a participatory film made with rural communities in Ireland concerned about the threat of fracking in their area. The film was screened with discussion in the two seats of governanace on the island of Ireland - Stormont (Belfast) an