Mamoun Qasem

  • Lecturer in Cyber Security
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science
  • Darlithydd mewn Seiberddiogelwch
  • Cyfadran Cyfrifiadureg, Peirianneg a Gwyddoniaeth
Mamoun Qasem

About Me

Dr Mamoun Qasem is a lecturer in cyber security. His research interests include IoT Security, Defending Systems from Cyber Threats in general and in an autonomous vehicle in particular, wireless sensor networks, RPL (IPv6 Routing Protocol for LLNs), and Threat Hunting. 

Mamoun’s findings in RPL jointly with Huawei Company have been recognized internationally by the standard body Internet Engineering Take Force (IETF). His findings have been published in top journals including IEEE Communications Letters, and in prestigious international conferences including IEEE WCNC, IEEE CSCN, IEEE CIT/IUCC/DASC/PICOM,  and two chapter books in Computer Science, Springer. 

Dr Qasem has worked on several projects Reliable Internet of Things based monitoring & Surveillance in Oil & Gas Fields (RsIoT) and is currently supervising a KESS PhD student in collaboration with Thales Ltd to Quantifying the Effects of Adversarial Deception Methods in Defending Complex Systems from Cyber Threats.  

Mamoun is an active reviewer in different journals such as Elsevier Computer Networks and CFATI and has delivered a talk as an invited speaker by British Council at UK-Kuwait Cyber Security Education & Research Conference (CERC19). He also serves as a coordinator of multiple international conference workshops, including the ICSOC, CFATI. 

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