Lynne Fisher

  • Senior Mental Health Adviser
  • Student Services
  • Uwch Gynghorydd Iechyd Meddwl
  • Gwasanaethau Myfyrwyr
Lynne Fisher

About Me

With a background in mental health in the voluntary sector and in teaching & training, I work as part of the wider Wellbeing Team, providing mental health advice and support to students.  

As one of USW's Mental Health Advisers, I :-

*  provide mental health assessments and short term solution based interventions enabling the student to maximise their learning potential.

*  provide training to University staff on Mental Health issues and are proactive in the delivery of health promotion.  

*  liaise with and refer to other specialist services such as secondary care community mental health services and GPs  

*   advise academic staff on the impact of mental health difficulties on teaching, learning and assessment.

*  have extensive experience of working with students who may be distressed, vulnerable and/or suicidal.  

  *  facilitate contact with external services when the mental health of the student has impaired their ability to access such services on their own behalf.  

*  carry an active case load of student clients and take responsibility for students with complex mental health needs.  

*  initiate case conferences to ensure a consistent and reliable approach to key areas such as risk management 

  *  contribute to the Wellbeing Duty rota, advising and responding to staff, students or parents with urgent queries or situations involving mental health.   

*  collaborate with internal and external staff in the event of a mental health crisis and contribute to the University’s response in crisis situations. 

  *  maintain close links with NHS and community provision of mental health services, including primary and secondary care teams.  

*  contribute to the development of innovative initiatives for mental health support (prevention and treatment) for students, 

*  am committed to reflective practice and keep up to date with theory and application in the delivery of wellbeing and mental health support through clinical supervision.  

*  possess over 20 years of experience working with adults with mental health difficulties and as such we are experienced in making independent decisions regarding assessment, diagnosis and risk. 

*  assess clinical risk and determine appropriate action 

*  interpret findings of reports and identify appropriate ‘reasonable adjustments', taking into account the student's individual mental health needs.  

*  manage a range of complex mental health issues, often involving working with colleagues, students and staff. 

Skills And Qualifications

  • mental health assessment;
  • short term solution based interventions;
  • risk assessment,
  • staff training: mental health, suicide intervention
  • Groupwork
  • reflective practice
  • mental health caseload management
  • risk management
  • managing mental health crises
  • advice on reasonable adjustments for students with mental health diagnoses


  • Camping
  • Walking
  • Reading
  • Countryside
  • Travel


Publications And Past Projects

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST)
  • Wellbeing Duty rota
  • A tiered approach to USW Wellbeing support