Janet Pitman

  • Head of Subject - Psychology
  • Faculty of Life Sciences and Education
  • Pennaeth Pwnc - Seicoleg
  • Cyfadran y Gwyddorau Bywyd ac Addysg
Janet Pitman

About Me

Areas of interest: Cognitive Psychology, Anomalistic Psychology   

My main research interests are in the areas of cognitive psychology and anomalistic psychology. In the area of cognitive psychology, my research has focused on the development of children’s reasoning and the relationship between emotional intelligence and achievement. In the area of anomalistic psychology, my focus is on the relationship between beliefs and reasoning, in particular the study of the origin and maintenance of paranormal beliefs and the relationship between scientific education. 

Skills And Qualifications



Publications And Past Projects

  • Andrea Mahoney/Current PhD Student - The Devil’s not in the Detail: The role of Perceptual Biases and Cognitive Style in Belief Ideologies. Director of Studies
  • Karen Chamberlain/Current PhD Student - An EEG Study of the Neural Indices of Recollection of Familiarity: Explaining the Effect of Verbal Facilitation and Overshadowing on Non-Verbal Memory
  • Nicola Leach/Current PhD Student - Gender differences in mental rotation tasks: Training in effective strategies and enhancing transfer effects. Director of Studies
  • Catherine Nelson/Awarded PhD - Emotional intelligence and academic achievement in primary aged children. Director of Studies. Awarded 2021/Director of Studies
  • Charlotte Greenway/Awarded PhD - Children solving analogical problems: Insights from a cross sectional and microgenetic study using video analogues. Awarded 2010/ Director of Studies
  • Nina Smalley/ Awarded PhD - An exploration of the design and implementation of a simulation exercise linking a university with its surrounding schools. Awarded 2002/Second supervisor