James Rendell

  • Lecturer in Creative Industries
  • Faculty of Business and Creative Industries
  • Darlithydd yn y Diwydiannau Creadigol
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James Rendell

About Me

I'm an early career lecturer in creative industries and the course leader for the Media, Culture and Journalism undergraduate programme. I also teach on the MA in Visual Journalism. My research interests largely focus on screen media audiences and identity, fans meaning-making practices and participatory cultures, digital media technologies, horror and cult media, and transnational media ecologies. I am also particularly interested in media inclusion and diversity including access to, and usage of, media - such as dementia-friendly cinema events - and textual representations - such as race, gender, and sexuality. I teach on a number of modules including Contemporary Popular Television; TV Drama; Media Audiences and Fandom; Understanding Communication in the Creative Industries; and Transmedia. I am also a supervisor for undergraduate students, Mres postgraduates, and PhD candidates.I have also worked with a number of industry partners including: RNIB, Aardman and Fictioneers, The Democracy Box, and IJPR. I have published research in a range of journals and edited collections, and my sole-authored Transmedia Terrors in Post-TV Horror is out with Amsterdam University Press.
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Skills And Qualifications

  • HEA/Advance HE Fellow



Publications And Past Projects

  • Research Fellow: Audience Research Audience of the Future project working in collaboration with Fictioneers on the Wallace and Gromit Big Fix Up.
  • Research Assistant: Sensory Impairment and Digital Technology Engagement, Swansea University (UK)/RNIB (UK)
  • Committee Board Member: Making Media Collaborative (AHRC), Cardiff University (UK)/Whitchurch College (UK)
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