Ian Pepper

  • Professor in Policing
  • Faculty of Life Sciences and Education
  • Athro mewn Plismona
  • Cyfadran y Gwyddorau Bywyd ac Addysg
Ian Pepper

About Me

I am a Professor in the International Centre for Policing and Security at USW and a national advisor on higher education within policing. As an experienced researcher, educator and leader within undergraduate, postgraduate and work-based policing higher education, I am an advocate of life-long learning. I also have extensive experience in police education/training regionally, nationally and internationally and operational policing. 

My PURE profile can be viewed at: https://pure.southwales.ac.uk/en/persons/ian-pepper

Skills And Qualifications

  • Regional, national and international research and higher education.
  • Policing and higher education.
  • Volunteers in policing.
  • Police leadership.
  • Evidence-based policing.
  • Fingerprints and crime scene investigation.



  • Policing research, scholarship and publication.
  • Doctoral supervision.
  • National and international policing.

Publications And Past Projects

  • Volunteers in policing
  • Police leadership
  • Policing and higher education