Helen Martin

  • Head of Subject - Policing and Criminology
  • Faculty of Life Sciences and Education
  • Pennaeth Pwnc - Plismona a Throseddeg
  • Cyfadran y Gwyddorau Bywyd ac Addysg
Helen Martin

About Me

Helen is the Academic Subject Manager for Professional Policing and Security.

Helen has worked in education and training for over 30 years delivering and managing courses in further education and higher education. She currently manages the curriculum, and  leads a teaching team, that delivers undergraduate and postgraduate courses in policing and security on campus and online.

Skills And Qualifications



  • Leading and managing change
  • Police education
  • Organisational behaviour and culture
  • Motivation in the workplace
  • Police leadership
  • Servant leadership
  • Accelerated degrees

Publications And Past Projects