Graeme Boswell

  • Senior Lecturer in Maths
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science
  • Uwch Ddarlithydd mewn Mathemateg
  • Cyfadran Cyfrifiadureg, Peirianneg a Gwyddoniaeth
Graeme Boswell

About Me

I'm Course Leader for BSc Mathematics with teaching interests in all areas of applied mathematics. My main research area is in Mathematical Biology, focussing especially on mathematical ecology, but I have also worked in other areas of applied mathematics, such as the mathematical modelling of liquid crystals and on the quantification of causal loops in System Dynamics. You can find my recent publications here:- You can find my research page here:-[html][/html]
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Skills And Qualifications

  • Computer simulation
  • Numerical solution
  • Mathematical modelling



Publications And Past Projects

  • Mathematical models of fungal interactions
  • Smectic-A liquid crystals
  • Hybrid models of fungal mycelia