Emma Wheeler

  • Lecturer in Therapeutic Studies
  • Faculty Of Life Sciences and Education
Emma Wheeler

About Me

I lead the "Childhood Studies" and "Principles of Youth and Community Work" modules for the Integrated Foundation Year programme within the School of Society and Culture (FCI).  I also teach Therapeutic Studies for the undergraduate Creative and Therapeutic Arts course and the postgraduate Art Psychotherapy training (FLSE)

My career began in primary education specialising in the creative arts curriculum.  I have worked in the area of child welfare in refuge and homeless hostel environments and facilitated groups in a range of community settings, in partnership with third sector organisations and education providers. My HE teaching experience began with the OU in partnership with the Workers' Educational Association.  I have taught for over 25 years, particularly enjoying personal academic coaching.

When not teaching, I practise art psychotherapy in community settings with diverse populations experiencing complex mental health needs. My current doctoral level educational action research project, focuses on learning difference.  I use arts-based and storytelling methods informed by critical education theory.  

Skills And Qualifications



Publications And Past Projects

  • A Thousand Voices oral history project based at Community House Eton Road, Maindee, Newport.
  • Forty Years Forty Voices oral history project - a partnership between Welsh Women's Aid and USW George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling.
  • Case2Study Collective - encouraging fresh dialogue through art and process to support dyslexic learners.
  • Follow The Thread: What Does Your Dyslexia Look Like? Collaborative exhibition at Riverfront Arts Centre Newport (2018).