Elke Scheibler

  • Senior Lecturer in Biology
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science
Elke Scheibler

About Me

I am behavioural ecologist and as behaviour is always the consequence of external and internal conditions wit a strong interest in interdisciplinary work. Therefore aside the pure behavioural studies I often included elements from neighbouring disciplines such as neurobiology, endocrinology, ecology, and conservation. 

My main interest was always how animals respond to changing conditions in their (species) community, so the range of their behavioural plasticity, but also the long-term outcome and physiological realization. 

Since I work at the university of South Wales the teaching aspect in my life is much more prominent and becoming responsible for the course BSc International Wildlife Biology in 2018 also affected my research. I am now more orientated to fieldwork-based projects with a more applied approach irrespective whether it means to improve the animal welfare or the conservation efforts.  

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Skills And Qualifications

  • Behavioural analysis
  • Chronobiological analysis
  • Hormone analysis, invasive/non-invasive
  • Interpretation of track and signs, esp. semi-desert & savanna
  • Bioacoustics


  • In my former life , I was a keen equestrian. Nowadays I enjoy hiking always in combination with exploring nature and wildlife. I am joined by my dog who shares my passion for tracking.


Publications And Past Projects

  • Aggression in closed communities of the cooperatively breeding Mongolian gerbil
  • Interspecific relationships in a desert rodent community
  • Foraging plasticity of the Desert hamster
  • Impact of shift-working on food preferences (a human eye-tracking study)
  • Behavioural plasticity and physiological response of White rhinoceros to drought condition