Amanda Thomas

  • Senior Lecturer in Education (Early Years)
  • Faculty of Life Sciences and Education
  • Uwch Ddarlithydd mewn Addysg (Blynyddoedd Cynnar)
  • Cyfadran y Gwyddorau Bywyd ac Addysg
Amanda Thomas

About Me

I am a senior lecturer in education. My research interests are how children construct their knowledge through play using schemas. I am currently writing a book on child development. ‘A list of my publications is via pure profile link

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Skills And Qualifications



Publications And Past Projects

  • Research into supervisor and student relationship
  • Book: Introduction to the Foundation Phase
  • Currently writing a book on Child Development
  • Book: All Change! Best Practice for educational transitions
  • Edited Book: Teaching in the Early Years
  • Papers published in the following journals from my PhD on Schemas :Education 3-11 ; ECR; Wales Journal of Education
  • Paper and Blog published on Transition : Education 3-11; BESA Blog
  • Interview with Faculti on teaching in the EY
  • Article in Nursery World on Schemas