Aliyu Buba

  • HPT - Mech/Aero
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science
Aliyu Buba

About Me

Actively seeking research opportunities in order to contribute my quota and obtain a profession that will allow me to use my attributes and interpersonal skills as well as broaden them. 

Capable learner and a good team player who's willing to work extensively toward achievement in any position and organisational goals

Skills And Qualifications

  • 1. Experienced in handling multi-diverse learning environments for both HE & FE learning environments, most especially the university early phase students (foundations & first-year students).
  • 2. Efficient use of ICT technology for learning enhancement, and further implementation of Blended Learning (BL) session while engaging students outside the traditional face-to-face (F2F) classroom.
  • 3. Engineering Software proficient for Electrical & Electronics Engineering students learning, while delivering practical sessions for students, assignment/coursework assessment, and improving student learning experience both in F2F & Online BL Session
  • 4. Successfully collaborate with other reputable organization and delivered cutting edge research (i.e. Next Generation (5G) Wireless System).



  • Mobile Communications, Satellites Communications, 5G Wireless Systems

Publications And Past Projects

  • PhD Researcher- 5G Wireless Systems: Wireless & Optoelectronic Research Innovation Centre (WORIC), University of South Wales, UK